Thermal ctp plate

Thermal ctp plate

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Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2 / SQM

Minimum Order︰1000 SQM

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Product Description


Clolr: Blue

Spectral of sensitivity :830nm

Exposure Energy :120-140mj/c

Recommended Developer: Dynamic supplement 80-120ml/,Static supplement 80ml/h

Develop Time: 25±5 Sec

Develop Temperature:22-24

Impression Run:>70000 copies,>150,000 copies after baked

Storage Conditions:keep in the dark, cool and dry place,the temperature of 5-30

Storage Term:12 months.


specifications︰ 0.15mm;

Advantages︰ 1,Environmental protection formula design
Thermal ctp plate the sensitive layer is a unique formulation structure and it makes the dot edge which is formed whith is formed with laser scanning more sharp and suitable for high-end commercial color printing.Comparing with the traditional plates,reduce the harm to environment and operators.

2,Accurate Dot Reduction
Thermal ctp plate with a unique treatment on the aluminum plate,makes it has a evenly and fine grain structure,not only improve the impression runs of the plate,also makes the dot reduction more accurate,guarantee for the high quality printing,greatly reduces the cost.

3,Easy Operation,Excellent Plate Setter Compatibility
Thermal ctp plates are easy to operate.its unique design,can lay down in the process of traditional plate-making film production,shorten the process time,improve the working efficiendy.It can be compatible with various thermal CTP plate setters available in the current market.

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