Double Coating CTP Plate

Double Coating CTP Plate

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Unit Price︰US $ 3.1 / SQM

Minimum Order︰1000 SQM

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Product Description

Color: Dark Blue

Sectral of sensitivity :830nm

Exposure Energy 120-140mj/c;

Recommended Developer: Dynamic supplement 80-120ml/㎡,Static supplement 80ml/㎡;

Develop Temperature:22-24℃

Devellp time:25±5 Seconds

Storage Conditions:Keep in cool and try place,the temperature of 5-30℃;

Storage Term:12 months.

specifications︰ 0.15mm ;

Advantages︰ Double Coating CTP Plate is a new kind of plate,which is not only suitable for UV ink,but also suitable for ordinary ink printing .The plate adopts the high quality aluminum and double coating formulation,it has the following advantages:
Resist UV INK
Good stability
Widee processing latitude
Long impression runs
Extensive adaptability;Being adapted to most of the platesetters,processors and soltion.