INKJET,CTP,PRINTING PLATE,Do NOT need exposing or developing

INKJET,CTP,PRINTING PLATE,Do NOT need exposing or developing

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Unit Price︰US $ 3.1 / SQM

Minimum Order︰1000 SQM

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Product Description




Ø   High quality aluminum substrate



Ø   Multiple layer grain structure and condensed oxidized layer

Ø   Special post treatment, to give excellent water holding ability Ø   Excellent dot reproduction

Ø   Special coating to give excellent imaging quality

Ø   Suitable for imaging with EPSON Stylus Pro4900, 7900 and9900 series Ø   Suitable for imaging by using Pigment ink



Ø   Can be used for any RIP workable with EPSON printers

Ø   Need to be baked after imaging, for8-10 minutes under180-200 oC



Ø   Do NOT need exposing or developing

specifications︰ Packaging:
 0.15mm: 100 sheets/box
 0.20mm/0.25mm/0.30mm: 50 sheets/box if length<920mm
 0.20mm/0.25mm/0.30mm: 30 sheets/box if length≥920mm

Advantages︰ Features:

 High quality aluminum substrate

 Multiple layer grain structure and condensed oxidized layer
 Special post treatment, to give excellent water holding ability  Excellent dot reproduction
 Special coating to give excellent imaging quality
 Suitable for imaging with EPSON Stylus Pro4900, 7900 and9900 series  Suitable for imaging by using Pigment ink

 Can be used for any RIP workable with EPSON printers
 Need to be baked after imaging, for8-10 minutes under180-200 oC

 Do NOT need exposing or developing