Double Coating CTP Plate

Double coating CTCP-PLATE

Thermal ctp plate 


Ink Jet Ctp Plate


  Advantage of Double Coating CTP Plate:

1)Resist UV INK

2)Good stability

3)Widee processing latitude

4)Long impression runs

5)Extensive adaptability;Being adapted to most of the platesetters,processors and soltion.

Processless CTP Plate


A breakthrough from flushing thermal plate, to provide quality, convenient and high print runs of printing.This need not wash plate adopt the most advanced thermal technology, plate has only a few minutes to complete imaging and printing, washing process and cause of heavy and complicated process, from the problem such as high cost, delay and image change.

Thermal Ctp Plate


 Thermal ctp plate:

1)Good stability;
2)Wide developing tolerance;
3)Long run-length,after baking could be better;
4)Extensive Adaptability: Being adapted to most of the platesetters;
5)Could be operate in daylight room



1)High sensitivity,short exposure time

2)High quality aluminum substrate,complex grain structure and dense oxidized layer

3)Tolerance operation,Excellent Plate Setter Compatibility

INK JET  plate:


1) Small investment costs,do not need plate setters,just one Epson printer then Ok;
2) Simple operation.

Anhui phoenix plate technology co.,ltd



 Anhui Phoenix Plate Technology Co;Ltd

We bought the production line from Italy.

Our company specialized in the production of various kinds of printing plates in China. 

Our products are Negative ps plate,Processless CTP Plate,Inkjet ctp plate,thermal ctp plate,UV-CTCP and positive ps plate,and also deveolper , cleaner water and  Solution.


Our company is Located in Hongyingtao Industrial Zone,Sanshitou Town,Xinzhan District,Hefei,Anhui,China,which is very near to Shanghai,about 2 or 3 hours by train.So our export is very convenient.

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                   Double Coating CTP Plate;                               Double coating CTCP-PLATE;

                  NEGATIVE PS PLATE ;                                        Processless CTP Plate;

                  INKJET ctp Plate;                                               UV CTCP NEGATIVE PLATE ; 
                  THERMAL CTP PLATE ;                                       INK JET CTP FILM;


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