Our company’s positive presensitized offset printing plates which are manufacturing in different technologies from other compatible companies have good plate life, high color contrast, and fine dot reproduction abilities in China. In order to using our company’s products correctly, please use it under the following conditions. Thank you! There are bars on our products’ packing cartons. Please pay much attention to the followed English letters! The VPS is the faster type, and the FPS is the slower type. Then, different types get different using conditions: Exposure: 1. Aided by the Fuji fifteen-steps step guide or other compatible step guides, you should control the exposure between the second step white and the third step is a shallow appearance. 2. Time of Exposure: Under the 3000W light source at 1 meter. VPS: 40s—60s FPS: 60s—80s *Notes: The words above are only advices. Please gain the best exposure by the step guide according to your company’s practical situations. If the lodine gallium lamp and the distance are different, you can work out the time of exposure within the following formula: Tpd=3 / n×L2×Ts n: power (kw) L: distance ( meter ) Tpd : time of printing down Ts: The standard time under the 3kw light source at 1 meter Developing: Fuji DP-4 developer or our company’s ARFA-Ⅱ developer and developing powder is strongly recommended. Please use it under the following requirements. VPS: Temperature: 23±1℃ Time of developing: 30—50s The developer’s dilution ratio: Developer: Automatic plate processor: 1:8 Manual plate processor: 1:12 Developing Powder: Automatic plate processor: 1:20 Manual plate processor: 1:24 FPS: Temperature: 25±1℃ Time of Developing: 30—50s The developer’s dilution ratio: Developer: Automatic plate processor: 1:6 Manual plate processor: 1:10 Developing Powder: Automatic plate processor: 1:16 Manual plate processor: 1:20 Correction: Please use the image remover to wipe off the unwanted stains. And be sure not to damage the image. Gumming: The gum must be diluted, and the layer should be thin and well-distributed. Storage: The plates should be stored in the cool, dark and dry place. Warranty: 18 months

Tech Support : ph006@phoenix-ctp.com